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Asteroid 2014 AA -- January 2, 2014

The asteroid 2014 AA was announced in MPEC 2014-A02. It has an estimated diameter between 1 and 4 meters, and has likely entered the Earth's atmosphere over the Atlantic ocean between west Africa and South America, early January 2, 2014 just one day after it was discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey in Tucson, AZ. Because of its very small size, it did not pose any threat.

This animations shows the Earth as observed from the asteroid 2014 AA, using the nominal orbit solution. In the background are visible the Sun and the Moon. The asteroid approaches the Earth from the night side, and enters Earth's shadow cone at approximately 01:45 UT of January 2, approximately 40 minutes before entering the Earth's atmosphere.

There are large uncertainties over the time and location of the atmospheric entry of this asteroid, because only 7 observations were made while the asteroid was still visible. Calculations by Bill Gray show that it could have entered the atmosphere between Africa and Central America.